Copying objects and memorizing

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  • Hello there. A new man on board posting, so take heed.

    So I've started making a test project, a pretty simple hack and slash side scroller. Now that I make another layout for, say, the second level, I cannot see any enemies or other objects in the Objects list. They are in the first layout, but the second one is completely empty. Does this mean I'd have to set/script/import/animate everything from the beginning just to make another level? I know, this might sound stupid but please, do help a man in need.

    Another question for the future: How do I memorize things for second level, such as player's health, items and other personal things?

    If anyone could clear me up on these things, I'd be very grateful and it would help me on my quest quite a bit.

  • Try setting all of the objects to "Global". There should be a check box in the "Common" options.

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  • I wouldn't use global. Just copy the objects and paste them into the new scene. Anything that you create at run time will be present. And you can chose 'clone layout' to make a 1 to 1 copy of the first layout to get yourself started.

  • Oh my, that sounds easy. Thanks for answering and sorry for late response

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