Copy or duplicate an object?

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  • Is there a way I can duplicate one object into a second object, which I can then tweak the variables without changing the variables of the first object?

    For example, you want to make a Tennis Ball object, a a Basketball object, and a Golf Ball object. Really, these objects all behave mostly the same except that they have different dimensions and mass.

    I tried creating a Ball family and setting the common Ball behavior inside 'Manage families', but it only seems to let me remove any common behaviors the balls have, not add or adjust existing behaviors.

    Is there maybe a way I can write the (Common, Effects, Behaviors, Groups, etc) for objects in a text file and then have Construct read in that file and create the objects within the layout? This way, making a brand new object from an existing one would be as easy as copying/pasting sections of the text file.

    Thank you!

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  • Paste Clone is what I was looking for! All right!

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