Converting from c2 to cc

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  • While waiting for better html5 support I would like to convert a game made in c2 back to cc to make it native.

    Is this a possible tasks, what problem I will encounter (missing behaviour for example) my game uses layer rotation, particles and "normal" logic.


    Are online leaderboards possible with cc?


  • Yes its all doable.

    Leader boards would be about as complicated as they are in C2, as in there is no pre-made mechanism.

  • Does cc support get/post requests?

  • A few plugs deal with that, or make your own.

  • Thanks, so far it's awesome, 10 years ahead of c2!

    I'm really amazed, thanks I think I'll hang in your forums a lot..

  • Two quick questions:

    1) Is there a correspondent expression as c2 choose (chooses between two or more values)?

    2) How do I rotate a whole layer? I tried:

    -> Key left arrow down :: System set layer angle "Game" to LayerAngle("Game")-(90*TimeDelta) but it doesn't work..

    Thanks again

  • 1) A few examples

    {1, 2, 3} at (random(3)+1)

    {"spring", "summer", "fall", "winter"} at (random(4)+1)

    2) Layer or Layout rotation doesn't work unless the Layout has unbounded scrolling on.

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  • Thanks, one last question, is there an equivalent of the pin behaviour?

  • No, but in some ways its easier to deal with using Containers.

    Simply add the object you want "pinned" with the object you want it pinned to.

    Then you can either add an always event, or compare a Boolean type variable, and then to choose position, reference the pinned to object and set x, and y offsets.

    If you need the angle you can set up an image point, and have it set position to that, or use sin, and cos.

    If you're unfamiliar with the trig, I'd suggest an image point.

    Here's the link to the wiki on containers.

  • Hi everyone, I'm right now moving a game from C2 to CC too, and I just wanted to know how could I emulate "local variables" on CC? should I create different private variables that everytick reset back to zero or something like that?... I don't know... can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance.

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