'Controls' objects do not disappear?

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  • Is it just my construct or is there a bug?

    I am making some 'Controls' objects like EditBox, Buttons, etc. and when I want to make a Layer with them invisible they do not go invisible with the Layer. Every other objects goes away but those stay. Is there a Bug reported on this?

    Having problems with modal layouts I thought that I will have the best chance at getting a settings screen in Layers that turns invisible when not needed.

    Any one get a better idea how to take some input from the user?

    I just cant believe I would have to emulate an EditBox via Text object or something.

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  • Editbox, and Button are set up differently, so yeah they don't work like all the other graphics.

    Kind of a bug, but not. Your probably better off making your own out of sprites.

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