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  • I have an event that creates an object, which is a container. when the container is created, it checks for each of them, creates the two objects in the container and sets a few values then destroys itself. For some reason, to construct this apparently means "container, copy yourself and keep doing it." There are no other events that cause it to copy, and when I delete the for each loop, it creates and doesn't copy itself. Am I doing something wrong or is it just broken?

  • One of the attributes of a container is that it creates everything in the container if one thing in it is created.

    Same goes for when one part is destroyed.

    Found out an interesting bit of information tonight myself. That being that the other parts of the container are created at their resting place on the editor, even if the one part that was created was "spawned".

    ......runs off to play with the Object Pairer.

    Might want to check that one out yourself.

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  • For some reason, that doesn't work for me (it still copied itself even if they weren't in a container), although I managed to come up with a work-around. I'll check out the object pairer.

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