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  • I created 2 sprites and placed them above each other on the canvas.

    Then I clicked on sprite 1, created a container, together with the 2nd sprite.

    I added the event: on start of layout: create sprite 1.

    Sprite 1 appeared in the preview, but sprite 2 didn't.

    Isn't that supposed to happen, when a container is used?

    If it's not, my wish is to place some sprites on the canvas in a way I want them to be displayed (with the correct positions, compared to eachother, kind of like an inventory).

    And then when the right event comes along in runtime, I would like the group of sprites to be displayed on the layout, as I placed them on the canvas.

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  • That's expected behavior. The other objects in the container a simply created, not positioned. That has to be done manually.

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