Construct wont respond

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  • Hi there,

    i got a big problem. It seems Construct crashes very often while creating my game.

    Most the time, after editing an image or sprite, a few sliderbars appear near the object slider and Construct wont respond anymore. When i then try to click inside the Construct window a Alert-Windows-Sound comes up. <img src="smileys/smiley7.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Iam using Win7 64bit.

    Someone got an idea? This problem is very annoying and frustrating and i dont want to switch to mmf2 again <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    BTW: Nice work with Construct!

  • You've encountered a rare memory leak that most people don't encounter. The only real option is to get in the habit of saving frequently, quitting and restarting. It's frusterating, I know - one of the many things fixed in construct 2.

    Edit: If you post your .cap, you might be able to get r0j0hound or lucid to take a look at it, and maybe they could fix the problem.

  • R0J0hound lucid - any thoughts about this one? It happens with my game too.

  • Its like when i got a big Level open with many objects and create a new sprite this problem keeps showing up. Placing objects works fine. Editing most the time work fine, too. But sometimes creating new graphics it crashes like i wrote in the initial post

  • Yep, it's something to do with the image editor.

  • I had a totally different problem once, but it also was the image editor (couldn't edit anything anymore). That's why I propose to do the following (at least it can't hurt):

    Navigate to your appdata-folder, look for the scirra folder and move (or delete) everything out of that folder, except for some third party files like the audiere.dll

    Everything else will be created the next time you start Construct. I don't know if it will help in this case, just give it a try.

  • I only found the Scirra dir here:


    This one got an .exe and some other files in it. Its the compiled version it uses when your preview your layout.

  • Well, I am working with WinXP, so there certainly are path differences, but yes, that's the content I was talking about.




    (some TempX.exe files)


  • Ok, there isnt a solution for this problem...

    So my game goes into the trash :(

    Over one month of work wasted...

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  • Mhhhh.

    I couldnt let my game go away ;)

    So... I tried again.

    And its working for an hour now without a crash. The only difference between the old Setup is:

    I dont listen to music with the Windows Media Player.

    And i dont have opened my Corel Draw.

    For some reason this is the key to keep construct alive, even when editing and changing graphics and stuff.


  • It is possible for applications to have bugs that result in them messing with memory of other applications sometimes, though they're not supposed to. Glad you found a solution!

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