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  • Hey have someone have any problems using Construct on Vista?

    I Installed new system few days ago (change from XP to Vista) and after installing Construct I can't open it and i can't even run any game made in construct.

    don't know why but It shows me that i need to install directX update...

    so i've installed dx9 august and november (still vista have dx10 installed) and nothing.

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  • I'm not sure what the problem is..

    It works fine on my Vista Ultime 32x

  • If you can't run any games I'd suggest there's problems with Direct-X over anything else; run dxdiag, try figure out what's going on, I guess.

  • Did you run the full DirectX installer that comes with the Construct IDE?

    What specific error messages or problems do you encounter?

  • try running as administrator, check it "on" in properties/compatibility, alot of programs which dont seem to work on vista work when you check that off.

  • It's fine now, i've downloaded again directx 9 "aug" and "nov" end-user runtimes, installed and Construct is fully working

    Last time i was downloading directx web-installers, and i think they didn't install properly (cause i don't think there's a diffrence beetween web... and end-users).

  • Hey everybody!! When i tryied to install Construct on my Vista Home Premium, i face some problems. The basic installation was normal, but when the c++ distribution had started, the entire installation stucks and i needed to shut off the installation throug the Task Manager. I did this: Answered "no" when the installation ask for c++ installation and continue installing all the rest including DirectX updates. Then i made the C++ 2005 distribution download from the Microsoft's web site, extract the packages until find the file called "FL_msdia71_dll_2_____X86.3643236F_FC70_11D3_A536_0090278A1BB8". Well, i renamed it to msdia71.dll and putted it into Window's System32 directory. Finally i got Construct working properly. Hope that this information helps someone that are facing the same problems!!

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