How Construct runs through events

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  • Construct goes through the event list from top to bottom and checks if the condition is true, otherwise it ignores it.

    (event 1)

    + if switch is 1

    -> say "1"

    (event 2)

    + if switch is 2

    -> set switch to 1

    -> say "2"

    -> set switch to 2

    My expectation would be (when switch = 2) what construct would do:

    • ignore event 1
    • go inside event 2, change switch to 1
    • say "2"
    • set switch to 2

    Screen result: "2".

    But when I preview this, it seems to also do something with event 1!

    I don't understand this.

    (using v0.99.84)

  • I tried to replicate this in CC with the following:

    + System: Is global variable 'switch' Equal to 1
    -> Text: Set text to "1"
    + System: Is global variable 'switch' Equal to 2
    -> System: Set global variable 'switch' to 1
    -> Text2: Set text to "2"
    -> System: Set global variable 'switch' to 2
    + Button: On Button clicked
    -> System: Add 1 to global variable 'switch'
    -> Text: Set text to ""
    -> Text2: Set text to ""

    It works as it should. With 'switch' = 0 both textboxes are empty, with 'switch' = 1 the first one is filled, and with 'switch' = 2 the second one is filled.

    It may be .84 or a special case (e.g. if you are using the function object. Functions are aside of the order of events)

    Other than that I'm clueless.

  • Just out of interest, rogerty, why haven't you upgraded to r1.2?

    I haven't had a crash with this version for....well, I can't actually remember :)

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  • Well you don't have anything telling it not to continuously run through events so it may just be that its running that event again before the variable is switched.

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