Construct lagging with at runtime

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  • Ran in to this odd problem the other day, when the platform game I was working on started to lag a bit when I tested it in Construct. The fps kept dropping, and it got worse as I went on, ended up only running at half its itended speed.

    At first, I figured I was being overambitious with my paralax backgrounds, but as I have a reasonably powerful computer, and it was only a fairly small level I was testing, I was dubious. So I got rid of the paralax layers, and the problem didn't go away.

    Closing and re-opening Construct worked, but only for a couple of test-runs, after that, the lag started building. To make sure it wasn't my PC at fault, I tried exporting it as an exe, which ran smoothly at 60fps every time.

    Just wondering if there is perhaps a memory leak of some sort in the Construct runtime. Any ideas why this might've happened?

    Also, I was doing this in version .86, as .87 messed up some of the events in the game.

  • Can you send the .cap to I'd be interested to look at both disappearing events and the lagging runtime...

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  • Hi Ashley,

    I am brand new to the Construct 2 game developer software and I was having lagging issues with my program. I followed the most basic steps of the beginner tutorial known as "Beginner's guide to Construct 2" Every time, I run the program, my player, explosion, and monsters lag. A warning message appears saying "Internet Explorer has stopped running" I have looked at the tutorial again to identify the problem but I cannot seem to. Any idea of why this problem might keep occurring?

  • 786despair - try Chrome or Firefox. Note you are posting in a 6 year old thread about Construct Classic, not Construct 2.

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