Construct Keeps Crashing

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  • First, I'd like to say hai, and I'm sorry if this has been discussed before... Search couldn't find anything, or I just looked over it...

    Anyway, Construct keeps crashing. Like with the Platform School.cap tutorial. I play through it, and after a while Construct crashes, showing an error that something needs to be closed. I can play through though. It also keeps crashing when I'm just playing around, and it's very irritating because I can't continue working on it because I didn't save the .cap because it isn't really worth it to do...

    Any help would be welcome.

    PS. does someone know any good text tutorials? I've seen the enemyshooter already, but Construct crashes before I'm halfway through...

  • which version of construct is this?

  • Where does it crash? Does it reproduce every time? We can't fix problems you encounter if we don't know they exist and don't have any of the details. You should report the issues you're having to the bug tracker.

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  • Oh, I should've said that...

    Version is 0.99.72.

    Most of the time it crashes when I press the right mouse button in the layout.

    And just crashing when playing games via the 'Run All' button in the Project tab.

    I'll submit it to the tracker.

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