Construct install issue

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  • hi

    I have problem with Construct install on my laptop with vista.

    Construct after instalation don't work.

    Message is show up that it need's DX 9 while I have installed DX 10.

    This is weird because other soft that requires dx, works without any problems on dx 10 only construct cause problems.

    How to fix that?


  • DX 10 doesnot contain all dx 9 updates

    you need to install dx 9 updates to run construct even though you have dx 10.

  • As I understand it, Construct needs some things that are DX9 but not in DX10. You can have both installed at the same time, as far as I can recall.

    When you install Construct it should prompt you to install a DX9 package from Microsoft - just agree to it and follow the process.

  • This is a common problem. See this thread. In short, even if you have DirectX 10, that doesn't mean you have all of DirectX 9, because of "optional" updates to DirectX 9 (which really are required by Construct, I wish Microsoft wouldn't call them optional!)

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  • Thanks for all replay's

    I managed to fix the problem .

    from website I've download missing dll files(d3dx9_39; xapofx1_1) and now construct works ( will see if stable).

  • You really should just install the version of directX that comes with Construct. Having just those dll's may allow the program to start, but you may encounter problems down the road. Installing the DirectX 9 package won't overwrite DirectX10.

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