Construct hanging up whenever Picture Editor is opened.

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  • Hello there, I'm new to the forums, but I've been using Construct for a while now, and love it. I had been using clickteam products for many, many years, but I've come to love Construct, since it is much more powerful, and actually works.

    I was working on a new game idea this morning, when all of a sudden Picture Editor started hanging up for nearly 10-30 seconds every time I opened it up. I have the latest versions of DirectX, the newest Nvidia drivers, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the stable and the unstable version that was released today.

    Any ideas as to what I could try? I wanna finish up this prototype before I forget some of my ideas!

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  • I figured it out before I left for work thankfully. Somehow the brush size got set to an insanely high number, which in turn slowed down my system as it tried to load the brush I'm guessing.

    All better now!

  • cool. Never happened to me but then I usually do graphics outside of Construct

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