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  • I spent lot of time on making a turret defence engine, with all the kind of nifty stuff like damage, range and rate of fire. I changed some events in the event editor and Construct started to beep. I closed without saving. When I try to reopen my .cap, it says that it's "Unable to access a file without name after it's end."

    Now what? I'm fu****. I gotta start all from beginning. Or else, Ashley can you do something if I send you the cap?

  • You can't edit cap yourself?

  • Send the .cap to , I might be able to do something about it. Do you remember the last thing you did?

  • I changed the sprite in a event by double-clicking on it's icon. Also, ashley, do you have MSN, so we can exchange things more easily? Sending the cap in a second.

  • I've PM'ed you.

  • Perhaps setting up a Construct IRC channel?

  • Someone else could, but I don't have the time to hang around on it much. I'd stop by from time to time if somebody set one up though.

    Also, remember before 1.0, there could be bugs like this that wreck things... I'm really sorry and I know how frustrating it is, but it can happen in beta software (and even occasionally in "stable" software). Don't forget to keep your own backups too, in all situations!

  • I have four copied backup version of Phys-Box, every time I close Construct I always copy them from the original before I go do something else.

    I usually don't have to go back more than a few minutes if something does mess up, and usually it's something from my system (Vista seems to like failing to access my hard drive every few hours or so when I have too many things running, causing insta-bluescreen)

  • Ashley, fixed the cap?

  • I replied to your email.

  • I replied to your email.

    I saw your reply. I now REALLY NEED that Auto-Backup thing I suggested. Also, the file is really, empty? What? I didn't even saved it. Construct just started beeping, and not-to ruin everything I closed it. Then the cap was nuked? Please find a solution

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  • Saving different versions (i.e. with a progressive number) of the same file is a good habit you should get, not only with programs in beta.

    Expecially when you want to develop things a little more complex than beginner stuff.

    And backup often. I've loste plenty of data once because an HD crash. So did lot of other developers we know at CIS forums (just ask around and see what they'll answer so you).

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