Construct crashes every time I try to run a game.

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  • First, let me tell you that I tried to register for a Source Forge account, but for some reason, the content protection software on my computer blocks me whenever I try to go to the registration page, so I will have to post it here. I will try to be as descriptive as I can.

    The problem: Whenever I try to run any game in construct, it gives this error:

    [quote:2vouiycu]An unexpected error occurred and the application was terminated.

    You may be able to find out more information about the crash by Debugging, and attempting to reproduce the bug.

    After running the debugger, I then get this:

    [quote:2vouiycu]A crash inside the run time has been intercepted. The crash may be a bug in Construct. Please report this to Scirra.

    I am running Windows XP.

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  • Whenever I try to run any game in construct, it gives this error:

    This is very generic. Will an event sheet with only one sprite in it crash? Only one event?

    Are you using .99.84?

    Can you post the .cap of a program causing the crash?

  • Sorry, I fixed it.

    I was using 0.99.62.

    I upgraded to 0.99.84 an it fixed it.

    Thank you.

  • Sounds like the SSE2 fix.

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