construct crashes

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  • Hello there,

    first off i would like to say that construct is the best program in its area i found so far.

    so since about a month i'm working on a zelda(link to the past)-like aktion-rpg with CC.

    but with further development construct crashes more often giving only the windows "close program" screen.

    i have tried different version r2 and r1-2 as i recall, started construct as admin, moved the games .cap file to construct install path wich seemed to fix the crashes but only for a short time.

    i'm running on win 7 64 bit and have about 500 events so far and about 100 objects (copies not included).

    Running the games works without problems its just construct crashing sometimes when editing events or adding new objects, apparently more often the more advanced development of my game is.

    i'd really like to continue working with CC since i think its much easier for my game than C2 or plane scripting so maybe somebody could give me a hint what to do

    thx for your work


  • Windows 7 is usually nice to Construct Classic, sounds like something in the cap file is crashing it. Does it crash with other cap files as well?

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  • I have a similar problem, I think it is related to memory usage. I make sure that autobackup is enabled and if memory usage of CC nears the 400MB mark I close it and reload it.

  • Yeah, CC has some memory leak issues, there's one in particular that's something to do with the image editor. I get around it by closing and reopening CC periodically as well.

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