Construct closes itself after adding an effect.

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  • Not sure if this a bug or just a problem on my end, but Construct closes itself after attempting to add an effect - any effect - to an object.

    One of those Windows, "Such-and-Such program has encounter a serious error and must close" messages doesn't appear; Construct simply closes itself.

    Can anyone help me out? I'm using version 98.9.

  • I don't seem to have the problem. It could be your video drivers. Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card installed?

  • I'm pretty sure they are.

    Here's what's odd...before I started messing around with Construct, I downloaded the stand-alone "demo" of Ghost Shooter and it worked fine. Afterward, I downloaded the tutorial for the game and loaded the .cap. When I try and run it, however, I get an error saying:

    "Errors occurred compiling one of the FX files in your Effects directory. The application will run with effects disabled. You need to fix the FX script, or stop using it, before effects can run correctly in this application."

    I found a post on this here - which seems quite similar to my situation, but I don't know exactly what he did to fix it.

  • Run the video hardware tool in Construct Discussion and post up the details.

  • Whoa.

    Last time I use a computer my parents bought.

    Device name: Intel(R) 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family

    Pixel shader: 2

    Estimated VRAM: 90 MB

    Motion blur: No

  • Well by the sounds of it your GPU isn't compiling the effects for whatever reason; it looks like your chipset does support them, so I'd wonder if it was drivers/OS or something..

  • Did you install the DirectX optional components with the Construct installer? If you skipped that dialog and didn't install the DirectX components, you may be missing the legacy shader compiler, which could cause effect errors.

  • Crap. I was hoping the Direct X optional components were, ya know, optional.

    The reason I skipped it was because the optional components were very large and I'm on dial up.

    Is reinstalling Construct with these optional components (and waiting a good 4 hours our so) the only way? Or could I download that legacy shader compiler separately somehow and Construct run fine? It's the only error I've come across so far.

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  • I think you'll just have to download them all. Unfortunately Construct requires the components Microsoft call "optional", which is probably poor naming on their part.

  • Heh, I'd say so.

    Well, I'll have to find some dedicated time to get these files, hopefully tomorrow, and I'll let you know if it's what's causing the problem...have a good feeling it is.

    Thanks to everyone who replied and helped out, I appreciate it.

    I'm sure you'll be seeing me again around here...likely with more problems of some sort. d(^.^d)

  • Dial up? May I ask where do you live?

    An alternative would be to get an USB stick or something, go to a library or such public place with broadband, download big stuff there and go home. Be sure to scan it for virus/malware - public computers tend to be riddled with them.

  • Your public library computers are riddled with malware? May I ask where you live?

  • Why, I live in the bowels of America, of course!

    Downloading from the local library is hardly any better than here at home. I'd say my top download speed there would be around 20kbps. If my internet was a three-legged turtle, the library's internet would be a retarded turtle.

    Thankfully I had enough time to get the optional files and - ta dah! - it's working.

  • [quote:1g5fj5gl]Thankfully I had enough time to get the optional files and - ta dah! - it's working.

    Awesome, good to hear

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