Consrtuct is crashing my system...

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  • I was working with my game it used external event sheets that I had programed on my laptop. Then when I went to add another one it crashed the program. it was then that I remembered that I had to use the hot fix that was given so I did that and tried to load up my .cap. Crashed my system. So after I rebooted and moved the .cap off the flash drive i was working from i loaded it again. System crashed. Then when I got up and running again I loaded up construct without loading a .cap worked fine. Then I made a test .cap with nothing in it. Saved, exited tried to load it and crashed. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled did the hot fix. Tried to load the .cap and the system crashed. I cant recreate the problem on any other computers and I will report it as a bug but I doubt anyone will run into this again...

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