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  • i want to trigger an action while the condition is true...

    i have a sprite and when is rotated to 0?, then condition is true...

    but now i have 3 same sprites and when one of them is 0?, then condition is true. how can i make condition true ONLY when all of the sprites are on 0?? is it possible?

  • If you have 3 different sprite objects, just combine their conditions in the event:

    + Sprite1 Angle 0?

    + Sprite2 Angle 0?

    + Sprite3 Angle 0?

    -> Do whatever

    If you have 3 instances of the same sprite, your could create a global (e.g 'anglesMatch') and then do

    + Always

    -> System 'anglesMatch' = 0

    + For each Sprite

    ++ Sprite Angle 0?

    --> System add 1 to 'anglesMatch'

    + 'anglesMatch' = 3

    -> Do whatever

    Edit: Note that this doesn't pick the instances.

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  • thank you very much!

    now it works perfect...

    i tried that, but my problem was that instead of "always" i had it "start of layout" and then after each click global variable run higher and higher...

    i am not a big programming mind :)

    thanks for help!

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