Comparing the X position of two instances?

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  • I have multiple instances of the same object (2-4 players), and I want them to push each other away when they collide I want to know which one of them is on the right side and which one is one the left side from each other when they overlap...

    I tried to do it like this: (I'd use the 'Direction' value later in the pushing event)

    + Sprite overlaps Sprite

    + Sprite: X Less Than Sprite.X

    • Sprite: Set value 'Direction' to 1

    + Sprite overlaps Sprite

    + Sprite: X Greater Than Sprite.X

    • Sprite: Set value 'Direction' to -1

    but I guess construct doesn't know I want to compare the X of the two different instances that overlap like that..

    <font color=red>tldr:</font> how do I correctly compare the X of Sprite(1) from Sprite(2) ?

    (1) meaning instance1 and (2) meaning instance2 of same sprite

    Thanks beforehand!

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