Comic style cut-scenes

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  • What I mean is like in Max Payne, have a music playing at the background as well as they appear in order usually when you click or press a button.

    Like this here

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    Minus the text boxes, the text in my comic strip is already written on the image, I do intend to put sound effects as well on the comic strips as well (as one strip has an explosion)

    Now I think I know how to do this but my use is by using global variables (it worked that way) but I believe there must be a simpler way to do this without needing to use global vars or am I wrong? anyway I also tried if intro2 > visible = intro3 make visible but it didn't work because all the other strips turned visible before they all should.

    The images are tiled background's btw so I used start of layout "image 1" "image 2" etc... set invisible.

  • Sounds like a classic job for the timeline object.

  • Sounds like a classic job for the timeline object.

    Yeah, it works out quite nicely actually. For instance on time period begin would let you switch images, and during time period, would let you do effects, lightning. etc.

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  • I forgot to mention you have to press a keyboard button or on mouse click (I think I will do it with mouse click) for the next strip to show up not on a delay.

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