Colored Lighting in Top-Down

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  • Hi,

    currently my lighting looks like this simplified version of my layer structure:

    0 A layer with GUI

    1 Layer with 75% Black background (to darken everything, I may later change the opacity of the layer to simulate daybreak or something)

    2 Layer for sprites

    3 Layer for shadow-caster objects beneath the sprites

    4 Background Layer for all textures/sprites that go behind all other objects (ground level)

    Now my first try was to simply put a light on a layer between 2 and 3. This results in a complete black level except for the part where the light was placed, all shadows act as like 100% opacity.


    <img src="">

    If I add the effect "additive" it starts to look a little better, still it's dampened by the "darkness"-layer 1. Screenshot:

    <img src="">

    Then I recreated a tip from somewhere in this forum, to use a sprite on layer 1 and set it to effect "erase", that works - but without the shadows. Coloring of the "light" is also not possible. since it only partial erases layer 1... Screenshot:

    <img src="">

    How do I add proper colored lights that play nice with my shadow-caster objects?

    Thanks would be much appreciated!

    Best regards,


  • I take the liberty to bump this topic, because I think it's unlikely that no one here has a good hint how to get the problem solved... or so I hope

  • I think this might be able to help you

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  • Well, the only thing I missed, was to put the "Multiply"-effect on the "Lighting" layer ... Fascinating that such a small thing can keep one busy for days.

    Thanks a lot for helping me seeing the obvious!

    Best regards,


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