Collisions Bounding box weirdness

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  • When you create simple sprite - box or plane - add bounding box to it and rotate it by some degrees, collisions bounding box don't update to sprite rotation. My Sprite is rotated to 45 degrees, but bounding box stays exacly how it was in the begining. After some test with collisions and overlaps it's kind of unaccaptable couse overlaps detects collisions in empty spaces around sprites

    Is that supose to happen, is it how bounding box work (static and pretty useless) or something's wrong with collisions?

  • Or you are doing something wrong perhaps? When I have problems, this is usually the issue. Bounding box is exactly what it says, the boundary of the sprite, four edges. If you want the empty spaces from transparent sprites to be mapped in the collisions, set them to 'per pixel' However it does not seem to rotate the collisions, so you should give 'per pixel' a go.

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  • I believe the bounding box is always a 0 degree angle box to make the quickest possible collision detection. I wonder if there's not an in between though for greater speed than per pixel, but the accuracy you're looking for, as I've needed that in the past as well.

    To be clear, the bounding box (black) for a square sprite (red) rotated 45 degrees would look like this:

    <img src="">

  • yeah exactly. I think will be better if bounding box could be more like polygonal detection rather than hardcoded box, couse it's frustrating when you have all stage setup and you realize that everything is fuc... wrong:D

  • yeah it's more than a bounding box... it's an Axis Aligned Bounding Box

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