Collision between specific objects

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  • Hi there,

    Is there a way to turn collision off for an object, but only when it collides with another specific object, rather than turning collision off completely? Similar to the way you can with the physics behaviour, except without the physics.

    I basically have a flying character that picks up a box, I need the box to not collide with the character as it's being carried. But I'd like the box to be able to collide with other objects while he carries it.

    If that makes sense


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  • So you want to turn off the "solid" attribute? You could just use your own custom method of collisions with events, so it only colides with objects you want?

  • Yeah, I would do that. Except I've already got some fairly complex events going on, so I'd like to avoid it if possible, cause I'm pretty sure I'll mess something up

  • Actually, I've kinda sorted it. I just used a collision at offset from the player to stop the box from colliding with other solids. Bit of a work-around, but it works for what I need so far.

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