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  • I'm sure it's down to me just needing to get to know how to use the program better, but i just can't seem to get even the simplest of programs to work using construct.

    For example i do,


    • set box.x to mousex
    • set box.y to mousey

    and even that doesnt work, it just stays in the top corner.

    Forget about doing anything remotly complicated.

  • There is a "Mouse" behavior that you can put on the box that will automatically set it to the cursor position.

    But aside from that, what else are you trying to do with the box? Are there any other behaviors on it? Are there any events that conflict with your always event? Did you do something silly like put the code in a separate event sheet, then forget to include the event sheet in your layout events (I do this all the time)?

    Barring any of those kinds of things, just upload your .cap so someone can take a look.

  • No, the code above was just a test, nothing i code seems to work so i wanted something easy which i knew should work, but it doesnt seem to.

    No behaviours, no other code.

    I'm a bit fed up with the program at the momemt so i'll cool off and try again later.

  • Okay, well when you get a chance, be sure to

    upload your .cap so someone can take a look.

    And getting fed up is what beta versions are all about, man. That's how betas become one-point-ohs. Instead of soil and sunlight, they need your tears and frustration in order to bloom.

  • Works for me - have you done something different?

  • Okay, i calmed down and was in a better mood today lol, so i decided to spend this sunday playing with construct.

    I'm so impressed, i don't know what i must of being doing before but now it totally blew me away. Maybe the problem was inpart that using mmf for so long i've gotten used to always using work-arounds which has got me into bad habbits. Construct seems to take a more logical and ordered approach to everything and is more like real programming.

    I think i'll have a hard time going back now.

  • okay saying that, i saved a file and now construct wont open it again.

    No error message, just

    "Construct.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    Then construct closes.

  • It gives this error in the event viewer:

    Faulting application construct.exe, version, faulting module construct.exe, version, fault address 0x003624ee.
  • This is fixed in 0.94; for reference, it occurred when retrospectively changing actions or conditions to different objects without replacing them (clicking back in the Event Wizard).

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  • Hey? I didnt catch any of that lol. As far as i remember i didnt replace any objects or swap code over.

    But if it's fixed, that great news.

    Also, what the hecks the Event Wizard?

  • Also, what the hecks the Event Wizard?

    He's a tiny magical man who lives in your computer.

  • Also, what the hecks the Event Wizard?

    he iz da mastah of ze events

    plz hail him

    <img src="">

  • Event Wizard = dialog you use to insert actions and conditions.

  • Event wizard, sprites, pixie shaders...definitely a lot of magic in construct.

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