Climbing animation problem

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  • Hi Guys,

    I'm new to Construct. I successfully went through the basic Ghost Shooter tutorial. Then I switched to the Crazy Robbie Platform tutorial and I got stuck with the climbing animation. I created the platforms and the ladder. The sprite has the Platform behavior applied. I can move Robbie left and right with 4 frame animation. I added 2 frame animation for Climbing and created a proper Event for it (just as the tutorial depicts). Now I can climb the ladder up and down, but only first frame of the animation is played.

    If I load the cap file assiciated with the tutorial itself everyting is ok.

    If I change the action in "Walking" to "Climbing" (in Left/Right event) I can see 2 frame animation. So I think the animation itself is ok. It just doesn't seem to play in Climbing event.

    I'm struggling with it for an hour or so.... where's the problem?

  • I didn't read the Platform tutorial but I suggest you to read the topic below:

  • Have you got the climbing animation looping correctly? At the right speed?

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  • Nothing seems to help. I've already installed Cunstruct v. 09962 to check if this could be a potential bug in the latest version, but no... here I have the same problem. I've recreated the whole thing from scratch and again I can see only the first frame of climbing animation.

    So my issue is definitelly version independent. The only question remains: where do I go wrong?

  • Post your .cap.

  • OK. Problem solved however I still don't fully understand what's wrong.

    After many tests I discovered the problem was one of the conditions of the event set for Idle. Take a look at the below screenshot:

    <img src="">

    If the circled condition is turned off (toggled) I get the one frame climbing animation problem. If the Player 1 "Move Up" is down condition is active in the third step, than all is fine.

    From my point of view however it's a weird behavior.

  • From my point of view however it's a weird behavior.

    It's not so weird if you think of the problem like a computer does. When you deactivate that condition, you're basically saying: "Well, I don't care if the move-up-button is down or not. As long as move-right, jump, and move-left are not down, switch to animation 'idle'."

    Let's say you press 'move up'. Now what happens is, that according to the events, the animation is constantly switched between 'Idle' and 'Climbing', because


      'Player 1 "Move Up" is down'

    => is True


      'Player 1 "Move Right" is not down' 'Player 1 "Jump" is not down' 'Player 1 "Move Left" is not down'

    => is also True

  • EDIT: *FacePalm* I really need to read threads properly before i reply... never mind this post

  • Tulamid,

    Thanks a lot for your explanation. Now I get it.

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