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  • Hi, got a simple problem - when I call up a message box (with or without individual ID), and click on the message box button while it is over one of my menu buttons, the click registers for both buttons. Is there a way to prevent this?

    It only happens to the message box further down in the event list - the upper one doesn't have this problem. I tried ELSE but it just reverses the problem.

    I've tried adding a "message box is open" flag, and setting it to 1 when calling a message box and zero once a message box button is pressed, and setting that as a condition for the menu buttons, but still doesn't work.

    I'm probably missing something simple - thanks for any help.

  • Why not put it further up on the event list then?

    If all else fails, you can make a pv called msgboxgettingclicked

    On msgbox clicked

    Set it to 1

    On mouse button released set it to 0

    Add a condition to the menu button to make sure it is 0

  • Thanks for the reply. The 2nd message box event is directly below the 1st message box event, so if I move the 2nd up the problem then applies to the 1st.

    I tried a similar idea to your second idea already, but not with the mouse button released as a condition and as a global, not private, variable. I'll try that. Thanks for the help.

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  • I scrapped the message boxes and made my own using panels and text on a separate layer. Works fine and gives me more control.

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