ClickBox for buttons become broken.

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  • <img src="">

    The above picture is the positioning within the layout.

    <img src="">

    This picture is from when the screen is resized to 1280x1024.

    The skew becomes more drastic the larger I make the screen.

    Does this happen for everyone else on this cap?

    As an additional error, if you click on the OK button and try to click on the custom button, it just won't happen.

    Also, why is there no repositioning of stock buttons?

  • Nobody else has this problem?

  • If it's breaking like that then it's a bug and you should submit a bug report.

  • I'm more concered with what is going on in your taskbar down there... either you are swirling out your open porn windows, or you have some seriously weird Windows issues. :/


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  • Hehe, you know it is possible to unswirl images in photoshop...

    Not that I care to spend the time doing it just to see what you're hiding, I'm just saying

  • I wanted to know if it happened to other people when they ran the .cap file so that I don't report a bug that is exclusive to myself only. Ergo I wanted people to download and see.

    And I blurred out the window because it was a chat window where someone's username was displayed.

  • Okay, well I'm not exactly sure what you want us to try out... I'm changing the window size and measuring how far the button moves?

  • Clearly I have no been as descriptive as I should be.

    Okay, here goes: On the picture I have highlighted what counts as the actual area you can click the button. The graphic however is moved out of the area that you can actually click the button.

    If you start from the bottom of the button on the highest screen setting it doesn't show itself as being "rolled over" until you are at least half way up the button as the red box shows.

  • And this is from changing the window size to a larger size?

    I'm only asking because I can't recreate this problem.

  • Place your mouse pointer's tip on or below the blue line when in 1280x1024. Does the button change states?

    <img src="">

  • Yes, it's working fine.

    But I'm also looking at a different .cap that the one in your screenshot. The example you posted isn't the same.

  • Oh fuck me senseless... I uploaded the wrong cap file. I'll upload the correct one tomorrow.

    I'm such a bonehead.

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