how much can classic handle (4kx4k background sprite)

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  • hey folks, i have build in photoshop a backgroundsprite that is right now 4000 x 4000 pixels (72 dpi),

    which i startet out to see where i will put things.

    now saving and loading takes little more than than usual.

    i know that files should be as smal as possible, but can anybody tell me,

    out of experience, how big you would "build" a level?

  • Whats 4000 * 4000 =?

    The general rule of thumb is try to keep things under half of the gpu's memory.

  • layout properties: width: 4000 hight: 4000...

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  • Yes, and when you multiply 4000 x 4000 you get an approximation of how much memory it will take up uncompressed.

  • What Newt is mainly saying is that your graphics card/hardware determines what size of textures/graphics you can use.

    However, the texture size doesn't mean that you can't make a game of 4k resolution, you can always upscale your game or increase the view area even if your VRAM usage is minimal. Since CC is DirectX 9 based I think it *should* work on a 4K monitor/resolution, but I have no way of testing that myself

  • ok thanks. i will try to keep my data small, but i have to try. thanks for the answers.

  • Since CC is DirectX 9 based I think it *should* work on a 4K monitor/resolution, but I have no way of testing that myself

    CC's exe's work on 3k monitors. I don't think 4k should be a problem.

  • If your graphics card supports a texture of that size and it has the available vram, then yes it should work.

  • [attachment=0:3qvwt7w8][/attachment:3qvwt7w8]it does. but is there a rule of thumb how large you should make your layout properties? how large a level should be (sure as small as possible). maybe i have to browse the forums about this workflow.

    this is the map, so far (alpha version)... maybe i need to cut it into smaller pieces, as the character runs through it?

  • It doesn't matter what size the layout is.

    What matters is the size of the textures you put into it, so basically...

    Many small similar objects = yes

    One big texture = nope

  • ok, thanks. is there a topic on the forums you know of?

  • ... our-memory

    Create the scenery piece by piece using reusable instances, and use repeating textures with the Tiled Background object for the large .... backgrounds.

    For animations I'd say get Spriter, but pixel art is not very easy to work with in it, and well, you're using CC.

  • thank you newt! great explanation.

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