Character attack working differently on seperate layouts

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    This error has caused a major halt in a game which I was so adamant in completing. It's been a week now and I still have not the faintest of clues why this is happening.

    When my character is attacking on a layout called 'Level One' his attacks are fine and smooth, as it should be. When he attacks on a layout called 'prologue' or 'courtyard', the beginning of the jump attack is jumpy.


    <img src="">

    (graphics are incomplete)

    Here's the issue:

    • Both 'prologue' and 'courtyard' are clones of 'Level One' and use the same event sheet ('main'), which includes all other event sheets such as 'Attack', 'Level' and 'Damage'. So event sheet is not the problem from what I know.
    • All I've added in the new layout is an additional tileset, but this error happens when the user is on the original tileset too.
    • All three layouts have the same character sprites as it is a clone afterall.

    I just cloned 'Level One' and ran it, it worked fine. I then deleted half of the level, leaving only the first half and the issue sprung up... I am stumped.

    I've been trying to think of a solution for a while or a possible cause but I'm close to a dead end. The only thing remaining to do is delete my level section by section and see if I can find a solution through that... it's pretty big, so it's going to be a tedious task.

    Has anyone else had a similar encounter? I'm kind of reluctant posting the .cap file in public, but if anyone wants to help I'll send it via PM. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    ... I was supposed to have posted a demo by the end of next week too

  • yea my game seemed to have broken when i made a new layout using only the objects needed for the events, it turns out it was bad programming on my part, but the problem only seemed to appear on the second layout.

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  • Solution found. Found out I was deleting an effect object which I stupidly forgot to place off-layout where all the other objects are in case I need them. Stupid mistake, but I guess that tedious deleting paid off!

    I still don't know why it broke the attack system, since it's not a crucial object, but all is well.

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