Change Texture on 3D Object?

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  • Hi all!

    I just got a little question, is it somehow possible to make the 3D Box change it's texture in the middle of the game? Maybe per Image Manipulator or something similar?

    Just wondering because I am using a 3D Box as a house that has Textures showing Windows and at Night I'd like to make the 3D Box replace the Texture with another one, showing Windows having Lights on (best would be that all of this happens when the player is on the Layout with the Houses).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Mr. Snooley

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  • Hi,

    I don't think this is possible, sadly. I asked if it could be implemented for the older 3D box in 098.9, but there were no takers. I had a play with the latest version and the 3D object last night, but I couldn't see anything to load/change textures, unless I'm just being dense. Hopefully it'll be available for this one. Either would save me literally 30 or so hours of work

    Still, it's great to see the 3D aspects of Construct. A perfect excuse to learn some complicated maths and show a little creativity

    *cough* If anyone feels that they could add the option to load textures to the old 3D box in 098.9 and it wouldn't be too difficult or time consuming, we'll credit you and throw you a few quid, as well as being eternally grateful *cough*

  • Yeah I really am digging the 3D Box.

    Well, then I somwhow need to find another way to make Windows show indoor light that has been turned on at night ... D:


    Mr. Snooley

  • You can either make another 3d box with that texture, and switch em out, or use a sprite with a distortmap. You can "load frame" for it, but setting up the z distortion is a bit complicated.

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