How to change pixel amount in a Sprite?

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  • I've looked at a few tutorials and such in the past, and I've played around with Construct a little bit, but I'm generally not so good at finding everything unless it's right out in the open.

    I am curious as to whether the sprites' pixel amount can be changed and if so, then where?

    It's easy to just stretch the images size, but I mean changing the actual pixel count.

    That simple little thing is pretty much all that is keeping me from using Construct.

    Is there a way to type in the amount of pixels to be stored in a Sprite like how you can in The Games Factory?

    Is the pixel editor still unfinished or am I just missing something?

    I recently downloaded the 98.9 version of Construct and I still have my old version, and neither seem to have an easy way to create a sprite at the exact pixel size you want (not stretching).

    I hope it's there and I'm not seeing it. I could just import images, but I'd rather just use Construct for all game creation aspects (except music of course) (unless you wanna add that ), including making sprite animations.

    If someone could point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it. Thank You.

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  • In the picture editor, at the top, theres a button 'resize canvas'. You click this and you can change the number of pixels in the image.

    Stretching in the layout editor has no effect on the number of pixels in the image. This is so you can have a high quality picture be scaled down, and then if the object is made bigger by events later on, the quality is restored.

  • Thanks David!

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