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  • So...i am making a platform game, and when i spawn a bullet, it goes to right! Does anybody knows how to set bullet's direction to left???

  • set sprite angle to 180

    this is a sprite action, not a bullet action

    choose an angle it flies in that direction

  • I don't really understand.....Can you tell me what first to do??? Example: New event->player...action->set angle??????

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  • yeah,

    insert new event/condition


    ---------sprite-set angle

    would be a good way to test it


    do the ghost shooter tutorial

  • Thanx for help, but its not what i need, i want to shot the bullet to the right when i am going to right (or just standing), and to shot to the left when i am going to left!!!!????

  • That's why you have a condition say something like "check player angle"

    -If control "shoot" is pressed

    -If player angle = 0

    ---spawn bullet at image point "bulletspawn"

    ---Set bullet angle to 0

    -If control "shoot" is pressed

    -If player angle = 180

    ---spawn bullet at image point "bulletspawn"

    ---Set bullet angle to 180

    Really, all this stuff is covered in the "Ghost Shooter Tutorial". Look it up on's tutorial page, and trust me, you'd learn a lot from it.

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