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  • how can i change icon of exported exe file? i tried it as i found it here on forum (icons, change default and make it in image editor), but when i export exe, it has the same old icon again...

    and I have also another problem - is it possible, when application is loading to have on screen some small little icon, something like "game is loading" ?

  • As far as I know, Construct games do no loading- unless, they have external resources... but I don't know much about that anyway.

    The icon can be changed by going into the project tab, and then under the "Icons" folder double click on the "Default" button default which will bring up the image editor. You should be able to edit that to change the icon. Are you using a different method?

  • no, I am using exactly this method, but still does not work :(

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  • I found where the problem is. It is not problem with scirra, but with windows. I saved it directly to desktop, but it didnt change... but when i moved it elsewhere the icon finally shows right...

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