CC: bug with using "else"?

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  • Hi, I'm trying to follow the tutorial about making "Match-3" game using CC and C2.With C2 there are no problems yet, but with CC I stuck at the part two trying to make block swapping work. I noticed that in "on drop" event there is working only the sub-event without "else" (leftblock). The second condition (bottomblock), which has "else" in the beginning just causing crashing of the program, and others conditions with "else" doesn't work. Tried to remove "else" and it worked only for bottomblock, after that program starts crashing again or blocks begin to dissappear.

    I wondering if it is a bug in my program or it is a bug in CC which makes impossible to use "else" in event?



    For now I just use additional conditions for each colored block of no overlapping with others colored blocks instead of "else" and everything works fine.

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  • Yes, "else" is bugged in some cases in CC, but "or" is worse.

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