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  • I've always wanted to make card games in the Klik games, but it was frickin' hard. When I first tried Construct, I was most excited about the Card Game Object, since it seemed that would simplify things. But I'm stumped on how to use it. Some questions:

    I'm assuming it doesn't come equipped with playing card graphics (if so, darned if I know how to load them). So if I create a set of card graphics, how do I connect them to the Card Game Object? I noticed the expressions "if card is black," "if card is diamond," etc. I'm assuming that means the Card Game Object has an in-system set of values that represent virtual cards like "red heart," "black diamond," etc. So would I create an expression like "if card is black + if card is heart" -> display 'black heart' graphic?" What about numerical values? How would I determine if a dealt card is the three of hearts vs a two of hearts, for example? Or does the Card Game object not represent the numbers on the cards and just represents face cards? Are the numbers something I would have to calculate separately with random numbers, etc.? If so, I'm confused, because the description mentions "hand rating," so I'm not sure how the Card Game Object simplifies that.

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  • Good question lol I tried using it myself and only noticed a few events that it supports. I wonder if it was finished or not.

  • It was made a long time ago in a very early beta. I think it needs a lot of work - as you say, I don't think anybody's made a real card game with it, so it doesn't really have a good way to handle the graphics and gameplay of a card game.

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