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  • I've been using Construct for a long time with no problems (0_9996), then suddenly none of my .cap files will open - it shows a progress bar loading the .cap, then nothing happens, Construct just sits there.

    The weird thing is, its happenend on my laptop and desktop - maybe some .cap file has corrupted something? I can make new .cap files, but as soon as a close construct and open it again - I can't open the .cap anymore.

    And it's not just with my .caps, any other ones I download - which used to work fine - wont load up either.

    I have deleted and re-installed Construct several times on both computers

    Please help - I will lose a lot of great work if I can't solve this one!


  • ok, so it seems that if I delete the .persist file, then the .caps will load - crisis averted!

    But i have to delete the persist files everytime i want to load a .cap - what's up with that?

  • Same problem here, it really depends on how you shut down the program. I've always done a save, then close. That seems to have prevented the issue. However, when I start opening more than one .cap it starts doing the .persist problem again.

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  • I've got the same problem, but deleting my .persist files doesn't do anything... When I click on "Run Layout" or "Debug All" or any of those buttons my application wont run!

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