Cap Corrupting/Erasing bug

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  • ok, I will post this to the tracker, but I want to see if anyone has seen it, and maybe has additional details. Please be careful if you want to try and confirm this, and don't do it with an important cap, unless it's backed up.

    since I've been making plugins, I go into construct and go to recent files and choose the top one very often. every once in a while I accidentally go to new instead. if I load my file from recent files after making a new cap without saving it, it overwrites my recent file cap with a corrupt cap. it doesn't load the layout editor, it just stays gray. and the cap is permanently lost. I've tried doing this several times by creating a new cap, throwing on a sprite or two, and an event or something, saving the dummy cap, and then restarting construct, and doing the new cap/load recent files-cap thing.

    I got it to happen over and over like 10 or 15 times, and then it stopped happening and I couldn't get it on command anymore (during that little testing session). this still happens from time to time, and I'd say 99% of the time if I accidentally make a new cap, and forget about this, it happens.

    can anyone else confirm this?

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  • Andddddddd it's things like this that make me super careful in saving and opening caps.....

    -Oh wow, confirmed in 99.3. This is a


    bug guys, It's ridiculously dangerous and easy for someone to accidentally trip over. If someone hits it, the cap is finished. Urgent fix needed, this one doesn't mess around.

  • Yup, confirmed, was wondering what happened to the small project I started.

  • Really? The IDE has protection on its file saving. Before it writes anything to disk from your .cap file at all, ever, it verifies it can also successfully load it, so in theory, it's impossible to save a file that cannot also be loaded. But it's possible that code is being circumvented somehow.

    If you're both using a plugin that has broken edittime serialization (eg. if you made a mistake in one of your custom plugins), that could potentially randomly corrupt .cap files.

  • I thought that as well, but it happens in caps without my plugins also

    plus I don't know about davio, but I'm pretty sure high impact isn't using my plugs

  • would it be possible to corrupt caps if they weren't using the plugin? does just having them in the plugins folder have any impact like that?

  • Is this on xp, vista? Sounds like it might be dep kickin in.

  • would it be possible to corrupt caps if they weren't using the plugin? does just having them in the plugins folder have any impact like that?

    No. If this bug happens in cap's which have never had a third party plugin in them, it's a bug. Could someone post a bullet point list of how to reproduce it? Thanks.

  • Im on Windows 7 and I dont use any custom plugins

  • oh yeah

    update on this

    I'm pretty sure I figured this out

    it doesn't erase or corrupt your cap

    it just messes up the view

    if you go to the project bar, and double click on your event sheet

    things should go back to normal

    sorry if I caused a panic

    seriously though....the sky is falling

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