My .cap is corrupted? Help?

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  • I pushed 'save button' and somehow not sure why, in the middle of the saving process the program just stopped working...

    When I try to reopen the .cap file, it keeps saying:

    Failed to load application: Error with loading: expecting class (CImageResource), but received ()

    I'm using construct classic

    Here's the cap:

    Is there any way to recover it? did I lost all my project?

    I was searching forums and found that there's an autoback function, wish I had found that earlier....

    Any help is appreciated...

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  • Your link isn't working. Since Construct stopped working in the middle of the saving process the whole cap may not be recoverable. Post the cap again and I'll at least be able to recover most of the images.

  • Sorry about the link, seens I have messed up the dropbox link and such...

    About the images, if u mean the jpegs/pngs and such that I used for sprites and everything else, I have everything saved and backed up, cause I was working with my GF while she was doing graphics I was programming and such... So we have everything...

    I was just hoping there was some way to recover the file, found out that windows saves some backup of files automatically, but the autoback from windows was very, very very outdated =/....

    Anyway thanks again, and sorry for the messed up link.

    Using autoback from now on, but I heard there's some bug to it that randomly leaks memory and creates files of 100gb and such... That might be a problem =/...

    Really sad and all but cant cry all day long, gotta restart everything back to the point where I was...

    Anyway thanks.

  • If the autobackup-feature does not work for you, then better not use it. Generally, there is no need to automatically save a backup every second minute.

    Try making it a habit to duplicate the most actual file every day, before you start working on your project. It isn't much effort, costs no more than a few seconds, and you will never lose more than a day of work at most. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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