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  • I seem to be the only one experiencing this after searching these fourms, but whenever my screen doesn't scroll in my application the Canvas Object I have covering the visible playfield becomes a solid white. It feels like I may have missed something, maybe some setting, as nobody else seems to share this problem.

    Anyone have any tips for poor and lost me?

    Great and promising program though!

  • At the risk of misunderstanding your question, I am going to go out on a wild assumption - is your canvas on a separate layer? If so, is that layer set to 0% scrollX/Y rate? That is if you want the canvas to stay on screen as you scroll.

    Also, welcome aboard!

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  • In case Mipey's suggestion didn't help, you can just upload your .cap file. It's pretty hard to tell what's wrong without looking at it. If you don't mind us looking, that is.

    That said, welcome to the forums!

  • Thing is if I put it on a non-scrolling layer I just get a permanent white box...

    If I can't get it to work right now I'll put up a file.

  • Sorry, seems solved by turning off Grab Layout which I had on...

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