I cant duck!

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  • Hi! Im new to game making and i just ran into my first problem while trying out some animations i did for this ninja character.

    I got the standing, running, jumping, falling working ok. But i cant get the "ducking" one to work right.Its the only one that doesnt have one of those default tags. I can imagine i would have the same problem adding any other kind of action.

    I added a keyboard object and set an event for it:

    down key is down --> set ninja animation to "ducking".

    For some reason it only goes to the first frame of the animation.

    Can anyone take a look at this and point me in the right direction please?


  • Never Messed with the default tags before...

    You'll probably be better off if you just make the animation shifts with custom conditions


    object coliding with platform/solid at offset +10.y(or whatever):

       --->no key down

           speed=0:      Set animation to standing

       --->speed>0: for runing

       --->key down"down arrow": set animation to crouch

    jump animation finish: set animation to fall

    press space: set animation to jump


    if the animations get stuck, just add a trigger once condition.

    ---> just means subevent

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  • Will do. Thanks for the help buddy!

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