Can't change *animation* angle of a physics object?

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  • Let's say I have a physics box with rotation turned off. when it's X velocity is less than -1, I want it to face left, and the opposite for right.

    "Set angle" doesn't cut it here, any other ideas?

    I know I could slap another sprite on top of it to handle the animations, but what if I want several instances of the same box? how do I attach an individual (but the same) "skin" to each of those boxes?

  • To make the skin work with multiple objects you would basically do what I did below.

    [quote:2axusa5m]+ On left mouse button clicked

    - System: Create object box

    - System: Create object skin

    - box: set 'attach' to random(1000000)

    - skin: set 'attach' to box.value('attach')

    + skin.value('attach') equal to box.value('attach')

    - skin: set position to object 'box'

    And that's basically all there is to it. Hope that helps.

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  • Thanks! that doesn't work 100% on my end (due to it conflicting with other events), but it does give me an idea how to work it out.

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