Camera like Cadillac and Dinosaurs

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  • Hello people !

    I'm new with construct and i need some help ! Have more than 1 week I'm trying to do a good camera for my game. I thought it would be easy but wasn't.

    So, i want to do a camera like a Cadillac and Dinosaurs, Knights of the round, Double Dragon etc. The game can be played for 2 players. The problem is:

    • They can leave screen.
    • They can return. I want to do a camera it can not return (to left).
    • Sometimes the camera will stop and enemys come to fight like the games i said before. I'm saying that because I don't know to do that camera. If someone help-me maybe later i'll have problems to stop it and restart yours moviment.

    I'm sorry if have answers in forum for this but I didn't find. Found some topics and examples But I don't understand and I guess it's not what i need. I got one really nice "Split Screen Awesome" but is very complicated to me and different what i want.

    Thanks to all is nice know if something is hard to me I can come ask.

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  • This article should have the information you're looking for (registration is free to view the articles): Construct Game Development - Platformer Revisited, A 2D Shooter

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