Busta ball tutorial problem

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  • Hello,

    After reading a bunch, and watching many videos, I decided to go for a break-out style game. I've been having problems with the ball behavior. After more reading, I decided to try out the Busta ball tutorial. The ball in the tutorial bounces fine off the paddle and sides of the play area, but does not bounce off the bricks themselves. The ball just destroys the brick, and keeps going. I've checked the event sheets, and the code is definitely in there to bounce.

    This is a different problem than I was having with my own game. I made the ball, then made the paddle and the bricks solids. When the ball touches either the paddle or the bricks, it instantly jumps to the other side of the brick, flip-flopping from one side of the brick to the other.

    I'm running the current release, 99.62, and I've also tried in 99.85.

    Kind of at a loss here.



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  • Its hard to say for sure without seeing your events, but to me it sounds like your destroying the bricks in the same event your telling it to bounce.

    I would suggest using the function object something like:

    Sprite on collision with brick

    ->sprite bounce

    -> call function "destroy" remember picked

    On function"destroy"

    -> brick destroy

  • I do this sort of thing all the time. It can be done in the same event, the order of the events is important.

    Ball collisions with Brick - Bounce ball

    • Destroy brick

    Now, the bricks need to be set to solid for this to work also.

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