Bullets, and the accuracy of.

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  • In my side scrolling shooter I am attempting to change the object, a bullet object's, accuracy at runtime. It isn't working. I think I know why, but I am not sure. I am trying to change it based on the speed of the mouse's movement. I know this is working correctly as I am using it for the cross hair. I attempted to change the bullet accuracy to something other than a number, a variable for example, and it changed back. I am going to go run some more tests. The cap link is below, I hate to be paranoid, but please don't steal any of my half assed artworks.


    Any help is appreciated.

  • Sorry for double post, however this may be of use for those of you who wish to assist.

    It seems that the accuracy is "right" but the bullets don't appear to spread correctly with it.

    Wait, that gives me an idea....


    I tried setting the accuracy when the bullet is spawned too, did not work.

  • I don't have time to look at your cap right now, but have you tried the bullet template/tutorial that comes with construct.

    it's under file> new from template (I think) >(one of the files in there).

    Sorry, but I don't have construct open right now...

  • I think it works, you just do not see the effects cause there are a lot of movement and slugs.

    I have changed in your cap the accuracy calculating to "(Sprite.Value('accuracy') + Chair.value('modifier') )* Chair.Value('speed')"

    and attached the action to the spawn moment of the Slug.

    Now, you can test like this:

    Do not move the cursor: the bullets are fired in one straight line

    Move the cursor next to the soldier and then fire it while moving only vertical. You will see the slugs disperse more.

    You will only have to set the weighting for the speed modifier.

  • I appreciate the help, but I tried the same thing to test it. It doesnt seem to work right. The bullets do not seem to spread any more...

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  • Here is my modified cap: http://www.box.net/shared/qkv76sc59c

    The '0.9' is the weight of the speed and its impact on the accuracy. Normally I used 0.4 as it looked good and quite 'relisticly' but for your need to observe the effect I upped it. '+5' will give the minimum spread if the speed is close to 0.

  • Wow. Thanks, I really appreciate the help.

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