How to do a Bullet time effect?

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  • There is a effect on mmf2 that is really cooll, and I was wondering how to do it on construct.

    So, how I do a slowmotion or "bullet time" effect on construct? but, when activated or deactivated, it has to increase/decrease to the desired game speed (in other words, when activated the speed of the game quickly slows down to the bullet time, then, when the effect is deactivated, it quickly (not instantaneous) go back to the normal speed.

    Also the sounds too are affected by the slowmotion

    Anyone here know how to do it or if there is allready some tutorial showing this?

  • set timescale is a system action that will affect all behaviors and timedelta'd actions

    it also affects sounds

    as far as making it happen gradually

    just do something like

    if key "s" pressed

    ---set global("bullettime") = 1

    if global("bullettime")=1 Timescale > 0.3

    ------set timescale to clamp(timescale-0.1,0.3,1)

    if global("bullettime")=0 Timescale < 1

    ------set timescale to clamp(timescale+0.1,0.3,1)

  • Hum, coll then

    I know how to mess around in mmf, but I think will have to change my project to the construct for certain reasons, and I was worried that construct would may not have this bullet time effect (that affect sounds).

    But now you aswered my doubt, thanks men.

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