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  • What would be an elegant/efficient way to do the following:

    In game, in a menu:

    Items can get upgraded.

    Click on the item to upgrade it.

    After clicked on the item, and it is upgraded, it is visually shown by a circle-sprite behind it.


    <sword> X X X (not upgraded)

    <sword> O X X (upgraded once)

    <sword> O O X (upgraded twice)

    I was thinking about the following solution, but it is cumbersome, I think:

    +With every creation of the upgrade-menu:

    -> place X-sprites on the correct positions.

    -> give every X-sprite its own number, so that you know which number is which X-sprite.

    + Sword: Is global variable 'SwordUpgrade' Equal to 1

    + X-sprite: identify the first X-sprite (number 1)

    -> UpgradeStar: Set animation frame to Circle-sprite-frame.

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  • I got this working, but I was just wondering if this was something common, where experienced (construct-)programmers had some advice for.

    This is not urgent.

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