BugReport: Plugin not loading

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  • hello all, i got this crappy bug today and i'm kinda pissed.

    i fire construct like everydays and suddendly it won't load any plugin at ALL.

    No need to say i can'ta go far without plugins.. and when i'm talking all i'm really talking all plugins.

    What i don't get is i ininstalled all the shabbang and reinstall after but the problem was still there.

    the only think i think it could be linked to this problem is i had Nvidia CG ToolKit installed and i remove it some time before the event... Do Construct need CGtoolkit or some stuff in it ?

    Next step is to install .952

  • Unless the toolkit had anything to do with the visual C++ stuff. When you reinstalled Construct, did you allow the visual c++ installer to do its thing? Otherwise, I'm out of ideas.

  • Yeah, was there anything about a Visual C++ redistributable install in there before it happened? Does rebooting help? Did Construct crash before it happened?

  • nothing seem to work.

    -i rebooted

    -i install the visual c++ 2005 redistributable

    the only other thin i recall was ininstalling the DXSDK sometime before.

    i'm completely clueless and full of game idea. no need to say i'ts frustrating.

    anyways i'll try to dwell more for the problem..

    thanks guys

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  • This has been reported a couple of times, and I think I know what's happening and how other programs are conflicting with Construct. I'm on it.

  • do me a favor.

    Navigate directly to the construct install folder ..

    C drive

    program files


    and launch construct from there ...

    still same problem ?

    if not, your launch shortcut is messed up, and starts out in the wrong map.


  • thrust me , i already try this ... its no good.

  • weird weird weird.

    i reinstalled DXSDk and the CG toolkit 2.0 , reboot and construct work fine now...

  • It's gotta be something about that CG toolkit. Perhaps it's playing hell with your registry upon uninstall?

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