Bug : Unknown crash

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  • http://upload.namelezz.net/downloader.p ... digger.cap

    Steps :

    1. Dig the ground by using left mouse click.

    2. Repeat and move around the place you just digged.

    3. Enjoy the crash.

    To fix :

    Disable "Animations" group in event sheet.

    But why do animations make this cap crash? Can I have an explanation and a fix?

  • Explanation: When you have animation and you are on a slope there is a high probability that you change to frame that will overlap with solid object thus making a crash

    Fix: You said it yourself

  • Thanks, I'll use a collider.

  • Thanks, I'll use a collider.

    That didn't work, because when the player collides with the collider, it still overlaps and the game crashes!

    But wait a minute... Why Overlap = Crash?

    Why can't 2 sprites overlap?

    Help me please.

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  • It's the platform movement, one fix is to have a custom movement engine or another is to make the colliders have the platform movement and remove the solidity/movement of the sprite (just set the sprites position to the center of the collider)

  • Jay,

    i dont "get it" by this. I have seen this bug mentioned like close to 1000 times.

    But i still dont "get it".

    My next target is to learn Platform. Could you explain this bug a little deeper ?

    Not the avoiding, but how it happens.

  • Hmm, well I don't know for sure, but I think that what happens is that the platform movement tries to move the object, but because it is inside a solid it can not move it, nor put it into the same place it is already in, so the program freezes in a loop of trying to move/place the object (The movement constantly tries to move or stop the object but both actions still report that the object is touching another solid object). Does that make sense?

  • Oh yes that made sense, now i "get it", ty so much

  • Ok things got a little more f#$ck up, even simple collision detection is broken, if you do a jump the ball will just jump to the left and if you go right/left it will crash... its not even about animations.


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