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  • Hello,

    I am encountering a bug in CC with the tiled background component

    When using transparency with tiledbackgroud, or when placing two tiled background one near the other one, some blinking lines appear during scrolling.

    I don't know what to do, it seems there are no solutions but to correct it in the construct classic engine, but I don't understand why this bug was still not solved. (if it will be corrected)

    In fact, it ruins my entire game.

    I put a example here :


    thank you in advance for your answers,


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  • I've encountered that bug too. Here's solution that helped me: when you're drawing a texture with transparent parts clear one line (for horizontal tile) or coulumn (for vertical tile like your coulumn) at that edge of texture that is blinking.

  • Hello,

    In my case, the first column is blinking on a edge that is already transparent, so I can't clear it more.

    My main problem is that in my real project, most of my tieldbackground textures are non-transparent, and they are quite all blinking...

    But I don't know if CC developpers already know the problem and intend to correct it.

  • But I don't know if CC developpers already know the problem and intend to correct it.It is unlikely that it will be solved any time soon, if ever.

    However, you can avoid the hairlines using one of two workarounds:

    1) Make sure there's a 1 pixel transparent border on all 4 sides of the images. (This is an option for TiledBackground4 only in your example)

    2) Change sampling in the runtime properties from "linear" to "point". (This is an option for all the TBs, but will have influence on the visual presentation of stretched graphics)

    EDIT: Technically, what you see by those hairlines are fragments of the other side of the images, and you see them because of the linear sampling (which works sub-pixel) and because the images wrap around (that's the purpose of a TB)

  • Hello, thank you for your anwser

    1) I cannot afford having 1 pixel transparent border on all 4 sides of the images, since most of the images in my real project are full plain. (no transparency at all). But a TB near another TB engender this effect.

    2) Yes its works (but engender a little smooth effect) !!! I have tried multisampling 8x (which does not solve the problem), but not just sampling (that solved it). Thank you very much.


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